Exam & Promotion



Candidates who will be appearing for 10th and 12th State Board

Examinations are expected to observe the following:
1. Pupils whose attendance is below 75% of the working days are not eligible for the examination.
2. It is mandatory forever candidate to sit for all the Tests, Examinations & Preliminary examinations conducted by the school before Board Examinations. The school will not recommend any student to sit for Board Exams unless he/she fulfills the academic requirement of the school.
3. All Project Works is imperative and essential. It is an integral and crucial part of the curriculum and could play a decisive role in the academic success.
4. Failure to submit the ‘Projects’ and Assignments in time will result in getting zero in the same.
5. Board Examinations are very important and prestigious both for the student and for the school. Parents are requested to realize this importance and see to it that the child is not distracted at home, that his T.V. viewing is limited and that he does his home work diligently and honestly.
6. Candidates who appear for the Board Examinations are required to deposit the Examination fees as prescribed by the Council.


Today, we hear a lot of talk of the abolition of the present system of examination. There is no denying the fact that the present system of examinations is outmoded and outdated as it does not fit in the needs of fundamental needs as a part of educational programme. Therefore it has been strongly felt that the examinations cannot be ended but can only be mended.The word ‘Evaluation’ in the place if the word ‘Examination’ is now being increasingly used in current educational literature.

The traditional type of examination was mainly based on measuring factual knowledge retained by the pupils. The present system of education aims at the development of wholesome personality of the individual-physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual aspect of the pupils.

The concept of Comprehensive and Continues School-based Evaluation has thus emerged as the rectification of the aforesaid short coming. It is intended to cover a wide range of personality attributes which is called comprehensive. It includes assessment in Scholastic as well as Co• Scholastic aspect of the pupils growth. Scholastic aspect includes curricular areas or subject specific areas; where as co-scholastic aspects include Life Skills, Co-curricular, attitudes, and caules. Continuous includes periodical evaluation through weekly, monthly, quarterly, half• year and annualexams. Evaluation implies that assements are to be made with the purpose of diagnosing the strength and weakness of the students for providing necessary reinforcement by way of remedial/enrichment inputs for enabling optimum level of growth in various sectors.