Our Library

Adventist EducationOnce a prominent Educationist said, “Library is the heart of the school.”  Library is the store house of knowledge. Our school has a big library with good number of books, journals, magazines, periodicals, health magazines, children story books, encyclopedias and all important daily news papers of English and Tamil languages.

All books are arranged according to subject-wise in various lockers.  There is a library period for standards I – XII and once a week they are allowed to come along with the teacher for the library period.  Children can also borrow books from library.  From the last two years, number of  students using library books have increased rapidly.
1. Every bonafide student of the school is entitled  and expected  to make use of the library.
2. Strict  Silence must be observed at all times in the library.
3. Personal belongings should not be carried  into the library but must be deposited at the counter.
4. Books borrowed should not be kept beyond the due date. A penalty of Rs. 5/-will  be levied for each day till the book is returned.
5. Damage done to the books or magazines will have to be made good. Books lost must be replaced or their  full cost be paid along with the fine.
6. Every student should make sure that  the books they have borrowed are returned prior to the holidays and obtain a clearance certificate from the librarian.
7. Students  are  expected  to  follow  strictly   the  time  assigned for each class during the school hours.
8. Failure to observe the rules could debar a student from making use of the library.