Attendance & Leave Rules


1. Punctual and regular attendance  is an important  factor   for  good performance.  Children  must arrive  in school at  least  5 minutes before the bell is rung in the morning.  Those who come late will be marked present but late. Three times late will amount to one day leave.

2. No leave will be granted except in case of illness or for  pressing and valid reasons.
3. Every leave should be (sick or otherwise)  obtained by an advance written  application with the signature of the parent/guardian  who are register with the school. Due to reason beyond one’s control, if one remains absent, satisfactory explanation for  the leave is to be provided  within  2  days by the parent/guardian.   If   there   is no intimation in this regard, it shall be treated  as ‘Absent’.
4. The nameof the student, class and section. In case of sickness, the leave note should be accompanied by the  doctor’s  certificate.  All leave must be authorized by the Principal.
5. It   is mandatory for  every student  to  have 75% attendance.  No student shall be eligible to appear for any test/examination  without fulfilling  the   required   attendance.   100  %   attendance   will  be awarded.
6. Half  day leave is not granted  except  for  serious reasons and the child will be handed over to the parent’s only.  Medical appointment should be made after   school hours unless required  in emergency. During the test I exam days half day leavewill not be sanctioned.
7. All  kinds of  leave (sick/casual)  shall be counted towards  loss of attendance.
8. Students  suffering from  any contagious or infectious  disease are not allowed back to school until recovery is complete.
9. A student  returning  to school after   suffering from  an infectious disease should produce a doctor’s certificate permitting  him/her to do so after  the prescribed period of quarantine.
10. Those who absent themselves from school due to illness must send in a medical certificate along with the leave application written  by the parents only and fitness certificate to the Principal’s off ice.
11. Every student  is expected  to attend  class on the  re-opening day after  each of the vacations. Those absent becauseof sickness must present a medical certificate before they are admitted to school.
12. No student  will be permitted   to  go home in between the  school hours.   However, in case of  illness or  unforeseen  problems, the parents are requested to come in person to collect their  ward by submitting a   written    request.    Without  proper   authorization, students  will not be sent home with any other  person except  the concerned parent. If  a student  is required to leave will be marked for half a day.
13. working days without prior permission, his/her  name shall be struck off  the register automatically. If  re-admission is sought, the right to re-admit the student  is left  to the discretion  of school administration. If  re-admission is granted, the student will have to pay the admission fees again..