Head Master Message

As another academic year draws to a close we would do well to retrospect and discover the changes that have been effected within ourselves by the myriad experiences of life in the year gone by. Have these experiences been instrumental in chipping, cutting and polishing of the rough edges of our life? Or have we maintained with grit and determination the status quo, stifling every opportunity for self – appraised and growth? Have our educational pursuits and achievements served to shape us into useful tools in the hands of the Almighty?

Joseph Addison, renowned English essayist aptly absorbed -“What sculpture is to a piece of marble, education is to the soul”. Only as we allow the chisel and hammer of true education to work upon us will we be ‘sculpted’ into masterpieces for God’s glory. As the prolific woman writer. Mrs. Ellen G. White wrote. “True education is the harmonious development of the physical, mental and spiritual powers….”. It is this metamorphosis of beliefs, attitudes, social and moral values that is the crying need of the hour. In keeping with this ideal our school strives to impart not just a ‘form’ of education that is widely prevalent today, but one that also caters to the wholesome development of the entire being.

It is our fervent desire and fond hope that the metamorphosis of the soul will occur in every student that passes through the portals of this institution.

May our heavenly father continue to shower in rich abundance His grace and blessings as we labour for Him till He returns in glory.

Yours in Education

Sam Nelson Rajan